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Imagine a sonic wonderland where ethereal melodies swirl around you and deep, pulsing bass lines rumble beneath your feet, urging you forward - into the unknown. In this quasi-reality, to walk is to dance, to speak is to truly listen, and to understand is to let go. As you regain a sense of harmonic balance and rhythm, you wonder to yourself, "Is this a dream?"

Enter 'Dreamery'- the latest musical exploration from LA-based duo niceFingers. ‘Dreamery’ is a landscape of sounds previously unexplored and uncovered, created with intention to constantly shift and shape our idea of what music can be. This album cannot be defined by any one genre or trend. Instead, ‘Dreamery’ forges its own musical path. With dreamy vocals, entrancing beats and emotionally-crafted melodies, niceFingers take their listeners on an aural journey to a dimension where imagination, creativity and musical enlightenment take flight.

Following the release of their 2013 EP ‘ImagiNative,’ niceFingers travelled across the United States and through the jungles of Costa Rica to play countless shows, joining forces with many powerful influences along the way and curating a new sound that would lay the groundwork for their next musical endeavor. Back home in Los Angeles, niceFingers spent the better part of a year creating what is easily their most revolutionary and forward thinking body of work to date, ‘Dreamery.’

'Dreamery' combines organic instrumentation, original vocals, and niceFingers’ signature style of electronic beats to create a sound that is both refreshingly unique and undeniably danceable. It’s the type of album that could permeate the air during a late-night set at a music festival or be the soundtrack to a fantasy film. In either setting, niceFingers' beautiful compositions will motivate and uplift, while seamlessly balancing between the light and airy and the dark and heavy.

With composing, writing and recording ‘Dreamery’ behind them, the niceFingers boys set out to find a kindred spirit who could translate their musical creation into visual art to be featured on the album’s cover. Artist Eric Tresback (3bak) was just the spirit for the task. His ability to channel the furthest reaches of imagination into beautiful, surreal landscapes was the finishing touch that ‘Dreamery’ needed. Armed with only his canvas and a paintbrush, 3bak dove into the mystical world of 'Dreamery' and emerged with a painting that truly encapsulates the soul of the album. With 3bak’s unique talents and vision, he brought 'Dreamery' to life in a way no other visual artist could. The result is an amazing collaboration of two very powerful art forms.

NiceFingers’ self-released album 'Dreamery'’ will be available to the masses for FREE download through Bandcamp and Soundcloud on June 11th.


released June 11, 2014

Album Artwork:
Canvas - 3Bak (www.facebook.com/3.Bak.Art)
Digital - Aaron Null (www.facebook.com/VervorDesign)

Mastering - Dark Room Mastering (www.darkroommastering.com)
Vocals - Kyrstyn Pixton (www.facebook.com/pages/Kyrstyn-Pixton/123790595134)

April Bohnert

Thank you for all of your continued support and thank you for listening!



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niceFingers Los Angeles, California

*Dedicated to creating a unique sound*

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